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Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend

Giving the perfect gift to your wife, girlfriend or significant other can be somewhere between a relief and a total joy. She deserves a great gift from the one she loves, and you deserve to have the great feeling that comes with giving it. It feels good to know that you have done something that means a lot to her. The best way to make sure you get the perfect gift for the woman you love is to ask her what she wants and get exactly that. It’s fail-safe. And we all know, there are plenty of times when the best gift is the fail-safe gift.

But let's be honest, that's not quite as fun for her as if you "discover" just the right gift for your girlfriend, wife, or significant other. Now, how to do that?

It takes the right combination of two things.

#1: pay attention to the kind of thing she likes. Starting early is always good. Maybe keep a note on your phone so when she makes a comment, you can write it down or snap a quick photo. Maybe she'll mention something her friend has that she likes. If you do this throughout the year, then finding the right gift is easy when the holidays roll around.

Depending on your relationship, scroll through her social media feeds and use their algorithms to help you. You can do it together. Yeah, the types of things she's interested in will show up as ads there. We sometimes look through each others' social media together to laugh about how different our feeds and ads are. So, it doesn't have to be snooping - it can be recognizance through a fun, joint activity.

And then...

#2: delivering that right gift with your own, special twist.   

When you want to get her a special gift that she didn’t see coming, with your unique take on what she will love, look here. Below are 10 unique gifts for special women that will show you gave it a little extra thought this year.

Girlfriend Collective Leggings
I can’t speak personally to how comfortable these are, but I’m told by the woman I love that they’re THE BEST. Not only are they comfortable, I think they look great on her, AND it’s a great company.

They make their leggings from recycled material, so it’s good for the environment, too. Get these for the woman you love and do good by her, the world, and the people who make the leggings.

Ecodunia Carry-All Bag
She may not need another bag, but she wants one. And once she has this handmade canvas bag that’s made in Africa, she really won’t need another bag. You can call this “the last bag you’ll ever need.” Not only are these bags beautiful, but they’re super practical. Which makes it a perfect gift from the man in her life. Yes, the perfect gift from you!

Not only is this a company built on the principals of equity, sustainability and care for the environment and the people who make the bags, you get to DO good while she gets to LOOK good. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is. Oh, and a handmade bag like this for under a hundred bucks… you can't beat it.

Witch in the Woods Hydrating Face Cream
Never heard of Witch in the Woods? That’s probably because it’s a small company that wild-harvests and grows its own herbs and hand makes their products in small batches. She’ll wonder how in the world you found such a lovely face cream.

They also make lip balms, deodorant, and other body care products, so you’re sure to find just the right thing for just the right woman.

The Lover’s Journal 
This guided journal for couples is not only a beautiful gift, but is loaded with meaning and connection. Unlike many other gifts, this one includes you! With weekly prompts, monthly challenges, and inspiring quotes, you and your wife, girlfriend or S.O. will love this. Your love and intimacy will keep growing with the use of this relationship journal.

Build a better relationship with your partner while giving a beautiful gift. It’s the perfect gift for any couple, as it will help you both work towards an ever-growing love and stronger connection.

With beautiful, premium paper, linen cover and gold embossed lettering, this journal comes in five colors - so you can each have the color you love the best.

Apple AirPods
Not original, but if she doesn’t have ‘em, she probably wants ‘em. And if she doesn’t want ‘em, it’s cuz she doesn’t know how awesome it is to talk or listen to music without that dang cord getting caught on who-knows-what.

I gave my wife a pair of AirPods and I can still use those as a get-out-of-jail-free card. Of every gift I’ve ever given, it’s the only one that she uses every single day.

Ember Coffee Mug
The next two are coffee gifts. If your woman isn’t into coffee or warm tea, keep reading or just nab one of the great gifts already mentioned. However, if she likes warm coffee, then this may be just the gift.

Just imagine this: a cup of coffee that is always the perfect temperature for drinking. If you live in a place where it gets chilly in the winter, and she likes her coffee warm, then check this out.

Miroco Milk Frother
I remember when I got this and made my wife our first home latte. I was king of the hill. A man as near to perfect in her eyes as possible.

Morning lattes and cappuccinos are pretty much a part of our lives now. And when she’s having a hard day, nothing picks her up quite like a home made latte. The only down side — it’s not as fun going out for coffee drinks anymore when I make them better at home.

Couples Massage
These can be super pricey, and yet, things that are pricey are often so because they’re worth it. HOWEVER, hop on groupon and find a deal in your area. They always have deals, sometimes as much as 75% off. And this is another gift that you get to do, too! She’ll feel so loved and special, and you get to connect and get massaged. Total win-win. Total bliss. Great gift.

Patagonia Down Jacket
This is the last jacket she’ll ever need. It’s classy, warm, and has a lifetime warranty. She’ll look great, feel great - and you get the props for thinking of it. Good job!

The perfect warmth for just about everything, this classic down jacket is lightweight and windproof with a 100% recycled polyester shell and 800-fill-power, humanely raised goose down.

The gift of knowledge is priceless. But you have to pay, anyway. That said, it’s worth it. And you don’t have to clutter your home with another “thing.” With access to hundreds of courses from luminaries in virtually every field from writing to communication, cooking to great sex, the annual subscription will give her access to all of it. Besides, when she grows and learns, you get to reap the benefits of her self-improvement. Again, a win-win.

The Perfect Gift for Her

There are many ways to show you care, that you lover her, and pay attention to what she likes and what is important to her. Giving the perfect gift is just one of those ways. When you find the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or significant other - the woman in your life, it feels good to know that you have done something that means a lot to her. Yes, making someone else happy is one of the great ways to achieve happiness for yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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