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The Lover's Journal

Even great and healthy relationships take effort and care.


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Deepen intimacy, lover, and connection.


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Our Customer Reviews

"These are so perfect & great for couples! We plan on writing in them til they are finished & exchange then as gifts to eachother at our wedding 🥺❤️"


Happy Bride-To-Be

"My husband is deployed, and I purchased these so we could still feel connected and fill each other’s cups. Last night, we were able to talk through our first weeks prompts and OMG. I am so impressed. 10/10 definitely purchase."


Military Spouse in Love

"My partner and I have begun using this as a way to connect through our long-distance relationship. It has become a staple in our relationship where we sit and answer these amazing questions. Each question is thought out thoroughly, each quote is amazing, and the quality is fantastic! This is an amazing purchase for any couple looking to connect."


Long-Distance in Love

"My boyfriend couldn’t stop smiling when he got this as a valentines gift, he went and filled it right away & we have been super excited for the monthly challenges! The journals are beautifully made! ♥️"


Valentine's Lover


The Lover's Blogs

Insight and tools for a stronger relationship, check our blog!
Ten Journal Writing Prompts for New Love Activities for Couples
31 Mar 2022

Ten Journal Writing Prompts for New Love Activities for Couples

Keeping The Lover’s Journal is an engaging and effective way of facilitating communication, increasing mindfulness, and enhancing the overall quality of your relationship. In...

10 Simple Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship
17 Feb 2022

10 Simple Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

Healthy relationships require constant nourishing regardless of how long you have been together with your partner. While things may be effortless initially,...

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