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Our Story

Being in a committed love-relationship with another person is one of the most profound parts of life. Relationships can be filled with the highest highs and sometimes deep, deep lows. More often, relationships are movements through our everyday lives that include everything from cooking to paying bills, while navigating the basics and complexities of life.

We are Cera and Matthew. We started our relationship with the express understanding that it would take active engagement in our relationship to keep it strong. Be proactive, not reactive! We knew that we needed to assume the best in each other and each take responsibility when we hit a small bump in the road — or even a major crisis. We would commit to continual growth and learning within our relationship, no matter what.

During our first year together, we journaled regularly. We set challenges and goals both individually and as a couple. We went deep to learn more about ourselves and each other – but we made sure to have lots of fun, laugh a lot, and enjoy the ride.

The effort and attention that we put into our relationship at the beginning have created a love that neither of us believed was possible outside of fairytales and corny rom-coms.

Of course, we have challenges, too. That’s a part of every great relationship. Challenges can provide grist for the mill and make you stronger — in life and in love. The good stuff gets better with the right tools, and challenges become meaningful. That’s why we created Lovers Unlimited – to share the best products to strengthen and grow your relationship, no matter where you are in your love journey.

Matthew is a filmmaker and has a Master’s Degree in Comparative Human Development from the University of Chicago. Cera is an entrepreneur and the founder of the social enterprise Ecodunia, an international brand of handmade goods. We combine this with years of deep relationship work to bring you co-creative tools to help you grow in your love and relationship.

When love between two people shines, the rest of the world shines, and every great relationship brings more beauty into it. We’re excited that you are here.

Cera & Matthew